Octoshape Infinite HD app

The Octoshape Infinite HD app improves your online video viewing experience by:

  • Providing higher quality, HD video
  • Preventing buffering and interruptions
  • Making Octoshape video streams start faster
About the Infinite HD app
The Octoshape Infinite HD app is designed to be small and efficient, keep in mind that it:

  • Has a small footprint using very few resources on your PC (less than your media player or other plugins)
  • Is only active when you are actively consuming a stream
  • Is completely malware free
  • Is completely spyware free
  • Is designed and built using the best security practices

About the technology
The Octoshape Infinite HD Application is a streaming media accelerator that optimizes the transport of video through the Internet. It is built to increase the quality and stability of video over the Internet to create TV quality experiences for content distributed via the Internet. The Infinite HD application also provides significant advantages to Broadband Internet providers by enabling a suite of Multicast technologies that reduce the amount of video traffic over the Internet. Multicast is the same technology used to deliver your TV channels today, so it is a proven and efficient method for video distribution.

We provide you the consumer the highest quality video experience in the market, while helping the Internet handle the huge increase in Internet delivered video traffic.

End User License Agreement
You can review the Octoshape End User License Agreement here

Help and support
For help with the Octoshape Infinite HD app, please visit our support portal