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Infinite HD-M
Octoshape has brought the power of Broadcast TV technologies to the Internet to create a global scalable system capable of handling TV sized audiences, over the standard Internet.

What is the problem?

Today with traditional technologies, scaling TV quality video on the Internet is chained to single digit million simultaneous viewers. Even if all the CDN servers in the world were pooled together, breaking 10 Million simultaneous in SD quality would be a challenge. The simple fact is that the state of the art in traditional streaming technologies cannot deliver the industry to a place where true TV sized audiences of 20 – 50 Million viewers are online at once. These are unicast technologies, and a scalable model of unicast delivery does not exist in any TV distribution platform.

What is the solution?

When industries stand at this inflection point, they require disruptive technologies to build a bridge to the new ecosystem. Octoshape has delivered this disruptive offering.

Broadcast TV offerings globally today be it Satellite, Cable, or IPTV, all use Multicast to solve the problem of scalability to their audiences. It is well known, and a proven method of distribution worldwide. The problem is that Multicast distribution historically requires extremely capital intensive deployments to ensure that the networks are reliable enough to deliver Multicast. This level of reliability does not exist on the Internet.

Octoshape has developed a suite of Multicast technologies that allow Multicast to be deployed over best effort, non provisioned networks such as the Internet.

This enables broadband providers globally to deploy Native and AMT multicast over their existing capital deployments, without having to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to provision these networks. Through this multicast enabled infrastructure, data can be distributed efficiently through the network supporting TV scale audiences.

  • Our resilient coding schemes provide the quality necessary to facilitate reliable multicast delivery over the Internet
  • Our transport technologies facilitate the transparent migration of users between Unicast, and our suite of Multicast technologies (Native, AMT and Simulated)
  • Our adaptive bit rate technologies facilitate that every user gets the highest possible quality for their specific environment be that fixed, wifi, or mobile Internet connectivity.