Frequently Asked Questions


How will the Octoshape software improve my viewing experience?
Installing the Octoshape app will ensure higher quality video, faster startup, less buffering and fewer interruptions.

How can I see if the app is playing a stream?
If you hover your mouse cursor over the Octoshape icon you will see a tool tip telling you the current state of the app.

How can I play back a specific stream with the Linux client?
Find the Octoshape stream name, you can see some examples by right clicking on the pictures on this page. Pass the link as the -url:octoshape:xxx.yyy argument to OctoshapeClient like this: "./OctoshapeClient -url:octoshape:DR.p3".

In Linux, how can I choose which player is used to play external streams?
Edit the setup.xml file in the octoshape folder and add the PlayerExec attribute as shown below.

<config EulaAccepted="true” PlayerExec="vlc $url">

This example shows how to use vlc as the player. For simplicity many values have been removed in this example.

Where do I find the settings menu?
Right click (Windows) or left click (OS X) the Octoshape icon and click “Settings”. The Linux client does not have a graphical settings menu.


Does Octoshape require administrative priveleges to run?
No, Octoshape should always be run as a normal user.

Why does my firewall pop up asking if OctoshapeClient.exe should be granted access to the Internet?
In order to use Octoshape, the app has to communicate with the internet. This may trigger warnings or prompts from your firewall-software. It is important that you grant the Octoshape app access to the internet.


I am getting an error which says ‘Could not find module to launch’
Please reinstall Octoshape, and then uninstall it yet again.

How do I uninstall Octoshape in Windows
Octoshape can be uninstalled from “Add/remove programs” (Windows XP) or “Programs and feature” (Windows Vista/7) in the “Control Panel”

How do I uninstall Octoshape in OS X
An uninstaller can be found in [Your home]/Library/Octoshape. Alternatively you can download the uninstaller here.

How do I uninstall Octoshape in Linux
Simply delete the octoshape folder where you installed Octoshape


I am getting error 211
This is usually caused by a firewall blocking Octoshape. You might see this error even though you don’t have firewall software installed on your pc if you are connected to the Internet from a university or other public places.

The streams is stopping and buffering all the time
Some streams requires a fast internet connection. Make sure your internet connection is at least as fast as the bitrate (mbps) of the stream you are watching.

The video is unclear and full of noise
This is usually not caused by Octoshape, but rather in the Flash player itself. Try to disable hardware acceleration by right clicking the player and selecting “Settings”.

I am getting error 34
This means the stream you are watching, is not being broadcast to

Will the Octoshape app use my upstream bandwidth?
Yes. The Octoshape app aims at balancing the use of upload with the use of download. It will only upload when you are streaming something. The app reduces the use of upload when the outbound line is used by other applications.