Infinite HD The best consumer video experience on the Internet

Today more content is being consumed on high resolution displays like TV sets in the living room, tablets and mobile devices. Keeping consumers viewing this content is critical to both subscription and advertising over the top business models.

Today most of the devices used to display video content are HD resolution devices. For optimized viewing experience it is critical that content remains at the highest quality at all times. If at any point low resolution content is sent to a high resolution device, the picture quality is unacceptable and people tune away. Traditional adaptive bitrate video distribution technologies today are unable to sustain video quality due to packet loss, congestion and other factors that reduce the available throughput. If at any time the available bandwidth drops due to the aforementioned issues, adaptive bitrate technologies adjust (lower) the video quality to avoid buffering. As a result the video quality and playback viewing experience continuously changes with a negative effect on the viewer. Overall consumption time of the video content reduces and this in return has an adverse effect on advertising exposure time and related revenues.

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Octoshape technologies are focused on actually fixing the reliability and sustainability of video quality over the Internet and not just adjusting to varying conditions. The Octoshape transport protocols are not affected by congestion and packet loss like traditional technologies, and can therefore sustain high quality video for the duration of the viewing experience. This delivers the TV quality experience that consumers are accustomed to from traditional broadcast TV. Video playback is instant, quality is higher and consistent, channel switching is lightning fast and buffering is gone.

Time over time Octoshape streams have proven to provide a much improved viewing experience and leads to overall a significant increase in viewer satisfaction.

Octoshape and Flash Video Delivery

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