Video on Demand Streaming

Octoshape operates a global Video on Demand service that enables high quality video to any audience, at any time, anywhere in the world. The service support standard video formats for PC, MAC, Linux, Android and IOS devices.

The Octoshape video on demand service supports both a network storage model for customers to upload their content, or an origin pull model enabling the Octoshape service to dynamically pull content for the customer origin dynamically on request from the user.

What’s included:

TV Quality TV Quality

Octoshape not only provides the highest quality video available in the space, but it provides sustained quality throughout the viewing session. This is how consumers are used to experience video in the living room, at the same quality, no buffering, no interruption. The Octoshape technologies are not susceptible to Internet congestion issues like traditional technologies, therefore do not have to upshift and downshift the video quality to match varying Internet congestion during the viewing experience.
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Global Reach Extended View Times

Octoshape helps you keep viewers glued to your content. And the longer they stay, the more opportunity there is to monetize your content. Octoshape combines its technologies to solve problems throughout the entire streaming process — from encoding to playback, resulting in the longest view times in the market.

Global REach Global Reach

More and More audiences for over the top video reach around the globe, and Octoshape is uniquely positioned to excel here. Normally traditional content distribution providers are asked “where are your pops?”, or “how close are your servers to my audience?”. No need to ask with Octoshape! Our technology is not subject to distance on the Internet, we are able to sustain high quality video from the New York to Shanghai or Barcelona to Sao Paulo. That is better reach than Satellite!