Infinite Uplink Point to Point Contribution System

Serve a Global Audience with Point-to-Point Contribution

Replace your need for expensive satellite or video fiber by allowing Octoshape to distribute your video globally over the Internet.

contributionPoint-to-point Contribution: Octoshape vs Standard ↑

The Infinite Uplink technology has several unique features facilitating the most flexible contribution system on the market today:

  • Point to Point, Point to Multipoint, Point to Consumer
  • Multi bit rate support so each playout device can get the highest quality 
contribution feed based the respective Internet conditions
  • Throughput optimization technology that cleans up Internet connections enabling global reach
  • Works with standard encoders and playout devices

See our full service partners who provide end to end contribution services via Octoshape Infinite Uplink:

See our preferred Encoder / Decoder partners who have been certified to support Infinite Uplink: