Live Audio and Video Streaming with Octoshape

Octoshape operates a global live video distribution service which enables high quality video to any audience, at any time, anywhere in the world. The service support standard video formats for PC, MAC, Linux, Android and iOS devices.

The Octoshape mission is to bring TV Quality, TV Scale, and TV Economics to the Internet. This isn’t traditional CDN delivery, Octoshape technologies operates in a service class above traditional video delivery. Increase your confidence and bottom line by using Octoshape’s technologies to make your linear video delivery a success.

TV Quality TV Quality

Octoshape not only provides the highest quality video available in the space, but it provides sustained quality throughout the viewing session. This is how consumers are used to experiencing video in the living room, at the same quality, no buffering, no interruption. The Octoshape technologies are not susceptible to Internet congestion issues like traditional technologies, and therefore do not have to upshift and downshift the video quality to match varying Internet congestion during the viewing experience.
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TV Scale

Octoshape is used to stream the largest audiences for over the top content, outperforming all the traditional content delivery technologies. Octoshape deploys a suite of multicast technologies not only to facilitate the largest scale audiences, but also to help the last mile providers manage the load across their networks resulting in an unmatched consumer experience.
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TV Economics

The Octoshape innovations enable us to provide the most economic way to deliver video over the Internet. With our Infinite HD-M offering, Octoshape takes the normal variables of per Gigabyte charges off the table offering flat rate per channel pricing for video delivered over our Federated Multicast network. Finally the economics of traditional TV distribution, brought to the Internet.
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Extended View Times

Octoshape helps you keep viewers glued to your content. And the longer they stay, the more opportunity there is to monetize your content. Octoshape combines its technologies to solve problems throughout the entire streaming process — from encoding to playback, resulting in the longest view times in the market.