Octoshape for Telcos / Operators

Octoshape has created a flexible world class video distribution solution for telco, cable and wireless operators providing the following:

  • Highest quality video achievable over best effort networks including 3G / 4G
  • Sustained quality video rather than shifting quality video every few seconds
  • Global reach without the need for infrastructure in country
  • This most efficient delivery transport protocols in the industry

Challenges and Solutions:

Today last mile providers are attempting to solve a vast number of challenges as the video distribution over the Internet evolves. Octoshape technologies bring innovation to leapfrog to the next evolution of content delivery over best effort networks.

Internal On Net  / External Off Net CDN:

CDN providers today are quickly in a race to price commodity for CDN services. As all CDN providers are deploying traditional technologies like (Smooth Streaming, Adobe HDS, RTMP and HLS) they have very little room to differentiate their services. They are fundamentally bound by the performance of these underlying technologies, and tied to their capital constraint requirements to achieve quality. It becomes a question of who has the most gear closest to the user.

Octoshape provides a means for telco’s and operators to significantly differentiate their offering, without the need to compete on capital regional deployments.  With the Octoshape technology powering the video distribution, users will receive higher quality video than any competing technology. They will receive sustained viewing experiences, that drive consumer adoption of the products, and longer duration.

Using the Multicast suite of technologies, the scale and economics become disruptive to the industry enabling business models that were not previously achievable.


High resolution devices require high quality video. Octoshape provides both the quality and the network efficiency to extend the current IPTV offerings to broadband devices.

Mobile Delivery

HTTP based technologies fundamentally don’t perform over latent and lossy networks. This causes inefficient and low quality experiences over mobile networks. The Octoshape technologies use a UDP transport with a resilient coding scheme to make efficient use of the mobile spectrum. This results in higher quality experiences for the consumer.

Utilizing the multicast suite of technologies, and the unique ability for Octoshape to transparently switch between unicast and multicast sources, or 3G and wifi networks, Octoshape is well positioned to facilitate the quick adoption of technologies like EMBMS to enable efficient multicast distribution over mobile infrastructure.

Leveraging Cloud Infrastructure Investments

Many companies are investing heavily in cloud infrastructure as a service. Octoshape technologies are extremely well suited for running in a cloud based environment as the technology itself is resilient to server failure, or CPU and network resource constraints in shared resource environments.

Deploying Octoshape in a cloud environment can even further reduce traditional capital cost associated with CDN deployments. This often drastically escalates internal justification as well as deployment cycles.

Engagement Models

Octoshape provides three was to engage our technology and services.

  • Licensed CDN: Octoshpae offers a software license agreement where a Telco or Operator can deploy the Octoshape technology on their own network and server infrastructure.
  • Resell: Octoshape supports reseller opportunities where the Telco or Operator can offer branded services fulfilled through the Octoshape hosted CDN.
  • Linear Multicast Federation: After deploying Native or AMT multicast in the telco or operator network, Octoshape can hand off feeds from the Octoshape CDN into this multicast environment to enable the provider to deliver video efficiently over their infrastructure reducing expensive capital investments in network infrastructure.

See how Octoshape did this for AT&T.