Infinite Enterprise: High Quality Video Delivery Inside the Enterprise

Enterprise Benefits

  • Instant On
  • High Quality Video
  • Global Reach
  • Efficient Use of Enterprise Resources
  • No Server Deployments Required

Video plays a dynamic role in improving communication and productivity across businesses. Delivering high quality webcasts and virtual events to a global workforce is an incredible opportunity to synchronize corporate goals, educate the corporate resources, or share important company information both to internal and external parties.

Video Delivery Inside the Enterprise

Octoshape makes video delivery inside the enterprise, or corporate online network, simple. By requiring only a small number of source streams to deliver high quality video to employees. Historically planning for infrastructure to support this required complex, expensive, and time consuming initiatives. Octoshape eliminates all of this tedious planning and facilitates a successful event globally, without the need to deploy a single piece of hardware.

Unprecedented HD-Quality Video

Octoshape supports multi bitrate technology, allowing each employee to receive the highest video quality available. Octoshape also automatically accommodates for strained Internet resources by delivering the appropriate stream quality for the specific conditions of the employee or office ensuring a seamless
viewing experience.

Octoshape Enterprise Delivery

Global Reach for a Global Workforce

Different offices and employees may have different Internet bandwidth available. Octoshape delivers the right video stream without the need for equipment on the ground. Essentially, Octoshape lives inside the cloud as a service or software license and enables opportunities to connect companies with their global offices, telecommuters, and travelling workforce with ease.

Implementation Details

Octoshape supports standard streaming technologies like Flash, HLS and Windows Media. Octoshape can also deliver the video to PC’s and OSX via an embedded player like Flash in a browser as well as to devices like iPhone, iPad and Android devices.