Using Octoshape’s Technology for Live Feed

Streaming technology has quietly gained acceptance from Turner Broadcasting’s, which is using technology provider Octoshape Aps for some implementations of its online live feed.

Copenhagen-based Octoshape is a technology firm that provides live-streaming capabilities with an end-user client plug-in. When connecting to’s live feed page, users that choose the CNN flash player option are prompted to download the Octoshape plugin, if they don’t already have it installed (see below).

Octoshape is one of just a handful of companies that offer live streaming. The company has partnered with content delivery networks (CDNs) Highwinds Network Group Inc. and CDNetworks Co. Ltd.

While CNN is one of its first major customers in the U.S., Octoshape has had success in the European and Asia/Pacific markets.

Earlier this summer Octoshape’s technology was chosen, along with the CDNetworks CDN, to help deliver 2-Mbit/s video streams over the Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) Website during the Korean broadcaster’s Olympics coverage. And last month, the company received kudos from the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), which leverages Octoshape technology for delivery of live streams for its American Idol-like Eurovision Song Contest.

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